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A shameful day in Congress

The president called it a shameful day and it was. Congress couldn’t support extended background checks for gun buyers, although such legislation was introduced on a bi-partisan basis, it is supported by the majority of the American public and it was once supported by the NRA.   This is a painful reminder how Congress is … Continue reading

Guns or the media: who is to blame for violence?

  According to Susan Linn, who teaches in Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, more than 1,000 studies found “that exposure to media violence is a risk factor for aggression, lack of sympathy for victims and desensitization to violence.” Studies from the US and Japan show similar results regarding video-game violence. Children are especially vulnerable. And … Continue reading

Hold a gun, see a gun–even when it’s not there

  Trevon Martin’s case is no longer front page, but a new study from Colorado State University’s Jessica Witt, associate professor of cognitive psychology, may shed light on the tragic incident and may provide some scientific data to the gun control debate.   Martin, you may remember, was shot dead by George Zimmerman.  Zimmerman was … Continue reading

Proposals for gun control

There is much discussion about creating gun control laws. Here are some of my thoughts about gun control. I think these are reasonable proposals that reasonable people can agree upon. What do you think” Weapons used at target ranges be kept at the range (exception for the police and other law enforcement officials) No automatic … Continue reading

What If You Could Print a Gun

What do you print from your computer? If you are like me, it is probably word documents and spread sheets you find easier to read as hard copy. But if Cody Wilson has his way, you may soon be able to print a gun. Yes. I’ll say this again—you may soon be able to print … Continue reading