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Good lawyers may be bad at ethics and here’s why

  In the wake of the General David Petraeus scandal, the Pentagon has reviewed its ethics training and recommends that training should start earlier and continued to be reinforced through an officer’s career. In all likelihood, the Pentagon’s legal counsel will lead the training, as it usually does.   And therein lies a problem. Lawyers … Continue reading

Right, Wrong: It’s Not All Relative

Broadly speaking, ethical relativism contends that ethical rules are drawn from human experience and that what is right or wrong is dependent upon particular times and places. There are cultural relativist or the individual relativist. The cultural relativist believes that whether something is right or wrong depends upon what our culture, religion or government tells … Continue reading

Ethics and organizations

Just as a fish doesn’t know it swims in water, it is difficult for us to know that we live in an ethical universe. We are so immersed in an ethical world that we hardly ever pay attention to it, but consider the following: As soon as you woke up this morning, you began your … Continue reading