Religious Ethics

The Lost Art of Happiness – WCBS radio interview

Suicide: a typology – from Case Studies

Pastoral Counseling

HIstory of Black Jews in America
Ethical Humanism – A Primer

Role of Agrarian Cooperatives in the Development of Kenya

Self-Determination and Paternalism: Death or Intervention? –  from Journal of Loss and Trauma

Photographic Depiction of Race from The Long Island Historical Journal

Finding Universal Values in a Time of Relativism – Educational Forum

Moral Reasoning of Members of Hospital Ethics Committees:  A Pilot Study –  from Journal of Clinical Ethics

Death in a Religious Community from the Journal of Pastoral Care and Counseling

Charity and Justice in the Ethical Movement – from Journal of Humanism and Ethical Religion

Ethical Humanism in Brief

Ethical Humanism

Holding Wonder Like a Cup – brief essays

Out of Place – poems

4 key values – thoughts for the New Year

Little Heroes – some thoughts about life

Lace – poetry from a workshop taught in the last Nassau County poor house

Dreams Are Not As Beautiful – unpublished collection of poems

Spelling God With Two O’s – Inspiration notes

Ethics for Everyone – How to improve your moral IQ

Ethical People and How They Get to be That Way – The psychology as to why some people are good

Spiritual Timber – Aphorisms

Tea in a Blue Cup -Poems about China, Japan and Long Island

Piccolo Rosie – stories for 5-9 year-olds (unpublished)

Seeing Through Africa – Personal essays

Love is Stronger than Death – Thoughts and reflections for mourners

Teaching Right From Wrong – Parenting guide for raising moral children

Malaika – second Kenya novel

Religious Ethics – A Sourcebook

Salted With Fire – first Kenya novel

Business Ethics: The Right Way to Riches

For God’s Sake – A play about Carrie Nation, a 19th century women’s temperance leader

That’s My Desire – A play about coping with an aging parent

Mirrors – A play about generational guilt

Convictions – Political Prisoners-Their Stories

Angles & Chambers – A poetry collection Sunbird My poetry about Kenya

Saying My Name Out Loud – A collection of my poems

The God Within – Brief history of humanism and Ethical Culture, for children

Poetry reading

6 thoughts on “Publications

  1. Can you tell me how to order hard copies of any of these – especially the books?
    The children’s stories should be made available to Sunday School of other Ethical Society’s.
    I have been a member of NOVES for 25 years and have never seen some of these wonderful resources.

    • Many of the books are no longer in print, but some can still be gotten on Amazon. I know a library in South Carolina that just ordered give copies of Love Your Neighbor and got them all within the last two weeks.

  2. Arthur,
    My dad, Larry Enteen was part of the Ethical Culture community and I know how important you are/were to him & me.
    I have bought many, many copies of Love is Stronger… and given them away. Tried to download but couldn’t find the poems, prose.
    Are they available?
    I do buy the books regularly from Powells, Abebooks and Amazon.

    also, I did some volunteer work in E. Africa and look forward to reading your Seeing Thru Africa…

    I wish you and your family well.

    if you ever want to say hi: 510-533-3903
    or email

    thanks so much for what you do.

    Caren Renee Enteen
    Oakland, CA

  3. Please let me know when I can get the poems/prose (later half of the book)

    Love is Stronger Than Death


    Renee Enteen

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