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  1. Hi, Professor Dobrin.

    I’m working on a page about Morality for Glamour magazine. We’re including stats and quotes regarding the ethics of everything from wearing animal fur to stealing office supplies to cheating on taxes.

    My editor has asked me to find an “expert” we can quote for the story. We haven’t decided yet which questions we need to ask, but I wonder if you’d be game for a quick question when I get my revise notes.

    Let me know if you’re available, and if you prefer email or phone questions. Shouldn’t be more than 2-3 quick ones.


  2. Donate-For-Life Organ Donor Program
    “Where America turns for organ transplant resources when other sources are depleted.”
    PO Box 254 • New Smyrna Beach, Florida 32170

    Arthur Dorbin…

    Kudos! Need for Informaed Consent is Organ Donation is an excellent article.

    There is no comparison to Informed Consent, unless it is Donate-For-Life’s hybrid version which we’ve named THE SOLUTION. Legally-authorized Informed Consent far ahead of the fateful day when family and relatives tend to be emotionally overwhelmed. That is simply NOT the time to determine matters of the heart.

    Imagine, as I’m sure you can, the entire family in concert and full agreement so medical professionals know exactly when to do in the most optimal time frame for procurement. No second thoughts, no resistance — complete acceptance in advance. The organ donor updates his gift of life decision on an annual basis, so there’s never any confusion regarding intent; the family need not be present since legal consent has standing.

    Of course this is but one small gear in the whole Donate-For-Life Organ Donor Program. The optimum point of focus is that Donate-For-Life can save up to 100,000 individuals’ lives on the UNOS waiting-to-die list within 48-months of statrtup/operation. It is verified by our mathematical formula reviewed by a Fortune 100 insurance corporation. A dynamic achievement after so many angst-filled years of hoping altruism-only would somehow solve the severe shortage, to say nothing about the wasted billions of taxpayer money. More human beings are dying now than every before, and the trend continues to spiral upward.

    You may learn more about our program by visiting the website: The latest structural/organizations changes will be represented as soon as possible. We plan to present THE SOLUTION to Senator Tom Daschle, Secretary of Health and HUman Services, as soon as possible. The timing couldn’t be better because it provides a $4,657,860,000 taxpayer savings during the first year and every year hereafter, up to 10-years. Yet it is the lives that are the most important aspect of the program.

    Gordie Hayduk
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  5. I enjoyed the thoughtful, interesting essays Arthur. Do you write them in the morning? Some mornings I have more difficulty than others doing the sudoku. Do you have the same experience with your articles? Why do I ask? Some are beautifully crafted and others have silly typos. It makes me smile and think of a Monday morning.

    • I write them the night before, then make additions and corrections in the morning before posting,
      I am not a very good copy editor, so these mistakes sometimes get by me.

  6. Hello, Arthur. My name is John Hansen. The story of the Rudolph’s death in Compassion and Choices Magazine, Summer 2011, was followed by a feature on the death of my father, whose name I share.

    The catalyst for this article was a photo series I took of our family interaction on the day of my father’s death-by-choice. Only one of the photos was printed enlarged in that article, with about 8 more of them quite small. The article is viewable after the Rudolf article at

    My photo series has an unrealized potential to inform and animate dialog about end-of-life choice. I will appreciate any referral or recommendation from you that could help them come before a larger audience.

    Best regards,

    John Hansen

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