What About Muslim Immigrants?

Is keeping out Muslim immigrants un-American? It depends upon how you read American history.

Here is one historical interpretation of what became the USA:

The Dutch didn’t want the English and the English didn’t want the Dutch.

Neither the Dutch nor the English wanted Native Americans.

Puritans didn’t want Quakers and Protestants didn’t want Catholics.

Whites didn’t want Africans but wouldn’t let them go.

The British didn’t want Germans and the English didn’t want the Irish.

Cattlemen didn’t want sheepherders and neither wanted the Chinese.

Germans didn’t want Italians.

Christians didn’t want Jews.

Californians didn’t want the Oakies and neither wanted the Japanese.

Americans didn’t want Hispanics.

Americans don’t want Muslims.

The slogan: “America is for Americans First”—people like us who must speak English and practice a Judeo-Christian religion.


Here is another version of American history:

One group after another takes up residence and the groups get mixed-up.

Some groups get absorbed and some are integrated.

Some groups are amalgamated and some keep to themselves.

Some groups accept other groups while some only tolerate others.

Each group acknowledges the others as true Americans.

The slogan: “I lift my lamp beside the golden door”—even as the torch of liberty flickers now and then.


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