Posted in November 2015

How Long Will They Let Trump Go On?

Two items this week about Donald Trump make me wonder whether the candidate can sink any lower. First, in an article in the NY Times about one of his golf courses and a plaque indicating a bloody river crossing during the Civil War, which historians claim never happened, Trump said, “This was a prime river … Continue reading

The GOP and Nazis

It’s time to tone down the rhetoric. The GOP is not a Nazi party. Several statements from presidential hopeful frontrunners do smack of anti-democratic sentiments; some are positively frightening. But the Republican Party is not a fascist party. While extremists have taken ahold in ways not imaginable just a few years ago, one hopes that … Continue reading

What About Muslim Immigrants?

Is keeping out Muslim immigrants un-American? It depends upon how you read American history. Here is one historical interpretation of what became the USA: The Dutch didn’t want the English and the English didn’t want the Dutch. Neither the Dutch nor the English wanted Native Americans. Puritans didn’t want Quakers and Protestants didn’t want Catholics. … Continue reading