Your Body and Good Senses

Here are 17 thoughts on the body. Psychology Today found it too poetic for their site, but I wanted to share it with you.


Enjoy what nature has given you.

To deny your gifts is an offensive against yourself.

  1. Your senses take you here.
    Therefore, love what is before you.
  1. Your imagination takes you there.
    Therefore, love what you have never known before.
  1. Food is both a necessity and a pleasure.
    Eat in ways that are healthy and enjoyable.
  1. Food is a gift of nature.
    Respect the source of the gift.
  1. Be grateful for the food you eat.
    Remember those who do not have enough to eat.
  1. Pleasures of the body are one of the joys of life.

Too much pleasure makes you dull.

Dullness interferes with good judgment.

Poor judgment impedes future pleasures.

  1. Too little pleasure and you die of thirst.

Too much pleasure and you drown.

  1. Keep still — that is the sun you feel.
    Keep still — that is the taste of pollen on your tongue.


Keep still — that is life that you smell.
Keep still — that is love that you see.

  1. To experience pleasure is a gift of life.

To deny pleasure is to dishonor life.

  1. The greatest pleasure comes from doing the right thing.
    The right thing comes from a generous heart and a thoughtful mind.
  1. Your ears are yours alone.
    Tell others what you alone can hear.
  1. Your voice is yours alone.
    Tell others what only you can say.
  1. Your eyes are yours alone.
    Show others what only you can see.
  1. Take care of yourself.

Let the world in.


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