Are women more ethical than men?

From my Psychology Today blog:


2 thoughts on “Are women more ethical than men?

  1. If one does a google search for “Women are wonderful” one would get references to articles written in praise of women. However the phrase refer to a fallacious effect, a societal norm that puts women on a pedestal ignoring her true nature. I is called “Women are Wonderful” effect.
    When it comes to honesty and ethics – researchers say women rate higher than men. I have had to scratch my head on this as I cannot come to terms with this conclusion and have decided that its way too much of a polarizing topic to expect even researchers to be neutral on this – and that makes sense, unless we can get dogs to conduct the study.
    I cannot fathom how this can be so. When it comes to false accusations against another human being or taking advantage of someone or a situation – that is what ethics is about. And in my experience women fall very low below the bar here. Im sorry by this is one case where I will trust my anecdotal evidence over ‘scientific studies’. Inherent female behaviors:
    1. False Accusations
    2. Infidelity and the justification
    3. Aggressive and dysfunctional parenting
    4. Abuse of children
    5. Marrying men for enrichment
    6. Filing divorce for enrichment
    7. Being violent even when you are wrong.
    8. Supporting other Errant women as a Tribal ritual
    While researchers do their best to cover up female nature and tell us that we need them for happiness and that they are more ethical than men, women are sending men off to jail for crimes they did not commit and high fiving with their girlfriends. Why is this and why has academia tried to fool us about then nature of women. False allegations while not impossible for men, must be a rarity. Most of us have memories of women lying under very serious circumstances. Men lie about trivial things – like where he was. But to his wife, any lies to her are a mortal sin.

    The simplest of women are wonderful liars who can extricate themselves from the most difficult dilemmas with a skill bordering on genius.
    Guy de Maupassant

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