Are ethics classes worthwhile?

I teach both graduate and undergraduate courses in applied ethics (business and media), and I often wonder whether the endeavor is worthwhile.

Then I receive an email like this one and I am ready to teach another semester. (Excuse her grammar; the student recently arrived from Turkey).

Dear professor,

I do not know how much I should appreciate taking your Ethics class. I believe that Ethics class is priceless.

Reading case study for Capstone class, Global Business or International Marketing classes; I recognize the ethical issue is stated in the cases (a real company). I would not be able to notice them if I did not take Ethics class.

Example: Dana-Farber Cancer Center is trying to fundraise for its research. A big cigarette company wants to donate big amount of money because a senior member of the company’s top management dies from cancer. However, Development Office Staffer at the Dana-Farber CC does not want to accept the donation because her/his parent died bacause of smoking and lung cancer.



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