Q and A about Ethical Humanism, for children

This is the next in the series of questions and answers about Ethical Humanism that I developed for children. Previous posts can be found on this website.

How do I know what it is to be responsible?
Some things are right even if you don’t like them. And some things that we like aren’t right. Right and wrong are those things that make life better or worse for people.
What are some things people need in order to have a good life?
Everyone needs at least two things — rational thought and freedom.
Why do you need to be rational?
You will be faced with choices and no one can think for you. You must think for yourself. And you can’t blame others for the choices you make.
What do you mean by being free?
It is the ability to make choices and being responsible for what you do.
Can I do anything I want?
Not if you want to be happy. We can only truly be happy when we live well with others.
How do I become happy?
By acting justly towards other people and treating all creatures kindly. Relations that are kind and just bring about happiness. That which encourages cooperation is just, that which destroys the basis of cooperation is unjust.


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