Ethical Humanism, continued: On Spirituality and God

These questions and answers are from my pamphlet about Ethical Humanism/Culture

30. Some people talk about religion as being spiritual. What does it mean to be spiritual?
It is to feel tied to other people and to nature. It means feeling humble and wanting the best for everyone. It means caring about the future.

31. Does this mean that we don’t believe in God?
Some believe that God was the Creator of the universe and everything in it. Others believe that God is a force for good found in the universe. No one knows this for sure and some think this is just how nature works.
So some members believe in God as the creator of the universe; others don’t believe that God was the creator, while others don’t know or aren’t sure.

32. Does believing in God make me a better person?
There are people who believe that being a good person means doing what God wants. For Ethical Humanists, being good means making the world a good place for all people.
Believing in God is your own choice, based on your own thoughts about such things. But whether you believe in God or not, people must be responsible for their own behavior.


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