What Is Ethical Humanist – continued


20. Is ethics always the same?
Ethics isn’t like a rock, something that is unchanging. It is more like something alive like a flower, changing all the time.

21. Then what do we mean by ethics?
Ethics is concerned with living a good life. When a person lives responsibly, we say the person is an ethical person.

22. What do you mean by humanism?
Humanism is a philosophy that puts human welfare at the center. When a person cares about what happens to others, we say the person is a humanist.

23. Can you say what it means to be an Ethical Humanism?
It is to live a good life by being responsible.

24. What does it mean to be responsible?
It means that you care about other people and that you treat them the same way you want them to treat you.

25. When was the first Ethical Society founded?
Felix Adler began the first Society for Ethical Culture in New York in 1876. However, this wasn’t the beginning of ethics or humanism. Some people have always been concerned with living a good life, acting responsibly and caring about what happens to people, This idea can be found in all religions and in many philosophies that aren‘t part of religions.

26. Then why start an Ethical Society?
While the roots of Ethical Humanism are ancient and worldwide, people weren’t organized into a single group that took ethics as its basic idea. An Ethical Society is a community that puts ethical concerns at the center.

27. Is Ethical Culture it a religion?
To most people, religion means faith and a belief in God. Our faith is in the possibilities of making a better world. We believe that the world can be made into a better place for all people by each person living the best life they can and by people working together to create a better world for everyone.

28. Is there another way to think about being religious?
Religion can also mean the qualities of a person. It means putting one’s values into action.

29. Is that all about being religious?
Being religious is also a feeling of being grateful. It is a sense of thanksgiving.


One thought on “What Is Ethical Humanist – continued

  1. Dr. Dobrin,  We, at ESMidRivers, would very much like to have a copy of the first 19 short answers to frequently ask questions. We are presently reviewing our mission statement and preparing a short statement or two to introduce ourselves or to explain ethical culture to our family and friends.   We used Ethics is for Everyone  in our Living Ethics Discussion group and feel we could benefit even more from some of your other works. Thank you, Patti Malta Martin  

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