Posted in August 2013

Military intervention in Syria

The US appears to be moving towards military action in Syria. This may be good or bad, appropriate or not. But where’s the debate? Where’s the authorization? Where’s the public’s concern? It’s as though we’re too tired to care very much. It’s hard to think of a worse situation for the future of democracy when … Continue reading

Comment on The Harder Right by British critic

Noted British critic says this about my book of short stories, The Harder Right: “The story “Passing Stranger” moved me. It has a great sense of detail, and it is all quite persuasive.” —Roger Scruton, writer and philosopher, is a member of the editorial board of the British Journal of Aesthetics and teaches at Oxford … Continue reading

What is Ethical Humanism?

This is the third part of an occasional series of questions and answers regarding Ethical Culture/Humanism. They were designed for school children but I have found that adults also find them useful. 15. What are the most important values of Ethical Humanism? The four key values are compassion, thoughtfulness, equanimity and social justice. Compassion is … Continue reading