Children are assaulted in China and US but only die here


M4gery (Photo credit: another_finn)


In China a man attacks and injures 22 children at a school. On the same day in Connecticut a man attacks and kills 20 children at a school.


In China the assailant used a knife. In Connecticut an automatic pistols and an assault rifle was used.


It is true that guns don’t kill people; people kill people. But it is easier to kill more people with a gun than with a knife.


If ever there were two incidents at the same time that made this point, I am unaware of it.


So once again, there is a call for gun control in the US and again the gun lobby will point to the Constitution that appears to support the right to bear arms. Many think that the article doesn’t refer to individuals but to militias, that is, government-led militaries such as the National Guard.


The Supreme Court is inclined to accept the first interpretation, thereby making many gun control laws unconstitutional.

It is time to move beyond the constitutional debate by amending the constitution itself.


Altering the Fourth Amendment wouldn’t ban guns but allow cities and states to create their own laws regarding gun control. This would appeal to those conservatives who favor local control and separate them from those who believe that individuals have a right to do whatever they want, even when it is a danger to society.


The tragedy in Connecticut is heartbreaking. It is terrifying. It is tragic and it was avoidable. While a knife, made for cutting bread, can also kill, and assault weapon is designed for nothing but military-style killing.


Enough is enough.



4 thoughts on “Children are assaulted in China and US but only die here

  1. Much can be said about the horrific tragedy in Connecticut, or perhaps nothing can be said in the moment — the enormity of the killing penetrates more deeply than words can reach.

    The China comparison is interesting, but I am not sure it by itself is a social comment on violence, only that one can kill more people and more easily with a gun than a knife. When it comes to assessing the violence in a society, I think it shouldn’t be forgotten that in China it is the government that is the violent perpetrator with an estimated 10,000 executions per year.

    In Franco’s Spain the streets were safe, while the government was the criminal,and a very violent one at that.

  2. Personally, I think ‘gun control’ that is a problem. There are too many guns in US. Even though goverment build law to limit people to have gun, it is hard to solve the problem.

  3. They shouldn’t leave the teachers and other staff members unarmed and some changes to gun legislation should be implemented as quickly as possible to prevent such atrocities. I have two children and I can’t even imagine being in a similar situation. When I heard the news I was thinking about the safety regulations in my own country. A few days ago I read an article on my native Vancouver which is often presented as one of the most liveable cities with the safest neighborhoods in the world but only now I realize that you are never truly protected anywhere. And the risks your children are exposed to every day are omnipresent when the safety regulations are imperfect.

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