Posted in December 2012

The role of luck in success

  Most believe that their success is due to their own efforts. Mostly, this is only part of the truth and, in some instances, far from the truth.   Success is largely determined by chance, which begins with our very existence. Our lives are largely contingent. If our parents had never met, we wouldn’t exist. … Continue reading

Hold a gun, see a gun–even when it’s not there

  Trevon Martin’s case is no longer front page, but a new study from Colorado State University’s Jessica Witt, associate professor of cognitive psychology, may shed light on the tragic incident and may provide some scientific data to the gun control debate.   Martin, you may remember, was shot dead by George Zimmerman.  Zimmerman was … Continue reading

What others do for your comfort

  I remember my climb up one of China‘s sacred mountains, Tai Shan. It was here that Chinese emperors would journey at least once in their lives. The mountain, although not particularly high, is frequently shrouded in mist. Carried on a palanquin, the emperor sat facing east, waiting from the shroud to lift and reveal … Continue reading

Good lawyers may be bad at ethics and here’s why

  In the wake of the General David Petraeus scandal, the Pentagon has reviewed its ethics training and recommends that training should start earlier and continued to be reinforced through an officer’s career. In all likelihood, the Pentagon’s legal counsel will lead the training, as it usually does.   And therein lies a problem. Lawyers … Continue reading

Proposals for gun control

There is much discussion about creating gun control laws. Here are some of my thoughts about gun control. I think these are reasonable proposals that reasonable people can agree upon. What do you think” Weapons used at target ranges be kept at the range (exception for the police and other law enforcement officials) No automatic … Continue reading

When students lie to you

Lawmakers in Idaho will undergo ethics training before the 2013 legislative session begins. The training is four hours long and comes on the heels of ethical lapses on legislators’ part. Will four hours of ethics classes make a difference? Idaho needs only to look at hedge fund manager Mathew Martoma’s experience. Martoma, who is accused … Continue reading

When being alone is misery

  To be alone in grief is misery.   To be with another in grief is life sanctified.       Pain held privately is biology.   Pain shared is a form of healing.       Pain isn’t a good in and of itself.   Pain may heighten the awareness of important things.       … Continue reading

Is Love Easier at a Distance?

  The following appeared as an op-ed piece in the NY Times on November 19,1979. I often think about my experience that evening at the top of the World Trade Center. While New York has recovered from the horrors of the 1970s, the thoughts I expressed then are still relevant.   “From here,” we said, … Continue reading