Posted in October 2012

Who Is a Fool?

One kind of fool endangers others, another type never fully experiences life Continue reading


Loss and fear

1. The denial of fear when fear is warranted is to live foolishly. To deny fear when fear is warranted is to deny reality. 2. To live with fear is to deny the possibilities of life. 3. The denial of reality is a separation from the world. Separation is a cause of anxiety. 4. Anxiety … Continue reading

So what do you know about religion?

  Anti-Muslim sentiments have run deep in this country. Terrorism and Islam, as well as Islam and anti-Semitism, have been linked in the public’s mind at least since the Six Day War, then hostage taking in Iran in 1979 and most especially following the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center. Despite the importance of … Continue reading

Scientists cheat, too—and this is a very big problem

    Cheating amongst students grabs the headlines one day. Everyone knows about cheating in the business world. Think Libor.   A smaller story about cheating on the inside page of the NY Times is equally upsetting, if only because it comes from an unexpected quarter.   Now the culprits are research scientists.   … Continue reading

Why students cheat

    Cheating by students isn’t new. The person who says they never cheated as a student is much like George Washington saying he never told a lie. But student cheating does seem to be more prevalent than ever. A front page story in the NY Times about Stuyvesant High School, noted for its academic … Continue reading