Posted in August 2012

Real happiness requires love

  Happiness is best achieved through living an ethical life. A good life is a happy life. Good relations and taking responsibility not only make a happy life possible; they are happiness itself. But good people aren’t always happy. Why? Because goodness is an ideal state; it something you aim at, a kind of moving … Continue reading


  To be envious is to measure yourself against another’s talents, reputation or possessions. Jealousy is closely related to envy. Here not only do you want these for yourself, but you also want to take them away from the other person. Envy and jealousy, therefore, are forms of power, ineffectual and harmful as they are, because you … Continue reading

On compassion

  1. You are part of society. Therefore, happiness is created through compassionate living.   2. Compassion is part of human nature. Cultivate the compassionate part of yourself and connect to others.   3. Reason is part of human nature. Cultivate the reasonable part of yourself so you make sound decisions.   4. Compassion is … Continue reading

Morality and the Olympic Games

  The founder of the modern Olympic, Pierre de Coubertin, said: “The most important thing . . . is not winning but taking part (in the Games).” That should be the attitude behind all athletic activities. Sadly, it is a view that is increasingly hard to come by. The Olympics bring us the world’s best … Continue reading


  Children love goldfish. So if they are given a handful, they should be happy. And they are. Give them even more goldfish and they should be even happier. Not exactly. What made very young children the happiest, according to researchers Elizabeth Dunn and associate, was when they fed some goldfish to Monkey, a puppet. … Continue reading

Key ideas of Ethical Humanism – part 2

Here are some more key ideas of Ethical Humanism/Culture: What are some important ideas for Ethical Humanists? Every person is different. This means that everyone is unique. There was never another person is just like you and there never will be another person exactly like you. If every person is different, what does this mean … Continue reading

Chick-fil-A or not

  I’m from New York but I knew of Chick-fil-A’s reputation as serving some of the best Southern fried chicken. So when I spent this spring as a visiting professor in South Carolina, I thought I’d stop in at one of the restaurants. There was one about ten minutes from my apartment. This was certainly … Continue reading