Posted in February 2012

The Rich Are Different—Are They Morally Corrupt?

A F. Scott Fitzgerald short story begins, “”Let me tell you about the very rich. They are different from you and me.” Several years later, Hemingway embellished on that line in a novel of his by having a character say, “Yes, they have more money.” Fitzgerald explored the corrupting effect of the pursuit of riches in novels … Continue reading

Why Religious Ethics Need Interpretation

  All religions have their codes of ethics. Why then are many bad things done in their name?  Religions have their code of morality, often found inscribed in scripture or in edicts handed down by religious authorities. Some religious people rely upon scripture or authority without thought. The revealed word, the word of authority, is … Continue reading

Why poor children are falling behind

A study by a Stanford sociologist, Sean Reardon, states that the standardized test scores between affluent and low-income students has widened by about 40 percent in the last half-century.  What explains the yawning gap? Economist James Heckman says that it is more a function of parenting than income. Bad parenting=bad students. He explains: “Early life … Continue reading