Posted in December 2011

Cowards can

Cowards can never be moral, said Mohandas Gandhi. Here is why: People can know what is right and even want to do what is right but still not act rightly. Why? Because they are afraid. They lack the courage to support their convictions. We need courage to face the unknown; we need courage to let … Continue reading

The Love You Take Is Equal to the Love You Make

Modern conceptions of happiness are misleading because the focus is in the wrong place. In pre-modern and traditional societies, happiness came about because people were tied to something outside themselves. Connections to family, fellow citizens, and clan, actions performed and attitudes developed, and duties carried out were the constituent and necessary components of happiness. In … Continue reading

A reminder from my namesake

Yesterday I received an email and attached photo from Little Dobrin. He is awaiting the results of the national exam that he took recently. If his grades are good enough, he will be eligible for secondary school. Little Dobrin attended Sema Academy and was one of the many students who have received scholarships from the Ethical Humanist Society to pay … Continue reading