Beauty in the ordinary

House Sparrow, Passer domesticus

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Sparrows are amongst the world’s most common birds— ordinary, ever-present and, because of that, nearly invisible to many.

Several years ago, in Africa, a group of musicians, led by a blind guitar player, called themselves “The Sparrows.” The lead singer explained that he chose the name to reflect the fact that where he lived sparrows were rarities and considered quite beautiful.

Because sparrows are so commonplace in many places, their beauty is overlooked. It takes a blind man to realize the beauty that is so abundant.

You don’t need to wait for the exotic birds to make their resplendent appearance to take pleasure in nature’s beauty. It is here, everywhere, everyday. Beauty is seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary. It is all around, waiting to be seen, waiting to be appreciated, waiting to touch our inner selves.

There is beauty in quiet, there is beauty in the pounding surf; there is beauty in an infant’s wide eyes and there is beauty in the deep lines that come with old age.

We are the midwives, the lovers and the audience of the beautiful. The world becomes luminous when we shine a light upon what is before us.



2 thoughts on “Beauty in the ordinary

  1. So true. And yet with all our worries and preoccupations we miss so much of it. And the worries and preoccupations are often about things that are so much less important than being in the moment.

    Thanks for this post!

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