Some of my favorite things

Here is a list of things that are important to me, a sort of list of my moral values:

I value loyalty and commitment, personal attachments that are long-standing and enduring.

I admire the nobility of rocks and have affection for trees. I find my place in nature and try to live within its limitations.

I’d rather be a forest than a parking lot, yet I’d rather live my life in a neighborhood than in the woods.

I accept obligations beyond my choosing, wanting to honor my ancestors but not worship them. I have a fondness for the past but do not long for it. I’d rather repair the old than demolish it for the new.

Wealth, power and privilege have little appeal to me. I’m skeptical of progress, wary of experts, but love ideas and admire intelligence.

I sometimes prefer the company of children to that of adults.

I hope to do no harm and want to do some good. I’d rather have things close than far, little rather than big.

I could be happy either as a swallow or as a lamb.

I like beautiful but plain things, vibrant things, not dull.

I abhor uniforms and am leery of rallies.

I’m critical of things as they are but know that not all change is for the better.


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