Business Ethics

The business world is best served if those entering the field already have a moral compass to guide them. With that compass a person can pretty much learn to find his or her way, no matter how complicated the map, no matter how tangled the thicket.

Ethical principles have business value most of the time. But truly there are times when there is a genuine conflict that can’t be willed or wished away. Only you can decide how much profit is enough profit, the extent to which you balance your need to make a profit with your integrity or whether to stick by a principle or look to the benefit or harm that comes from compromise. However, with the tools for thinking about such issues in hand and the continued assistance of a business environment that rewards good people and ethical behavior, business ethics and the good life can be understood as partners after the same goal.

Ethical behavior of individuals in business is necessary for the well-being of people in general. In addition, the ethical behavior of an organization leads to its long-term success.

There is an aphorism in business: You manage what you measure. This book encourages you to measure your ethical sensibilities and choices. When you do that, you will then manage your moral life. This will be good for you and for your business.


From the introduction to The Right Way to Riches: Business Ethics.

The entire text can be found under Publications on this blog.


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