Posted in July 2011

Being Ethical in Business

Business people want to know what to do and how to do it. When you are managing an organization, there isn’t time for theorizing. As the adage goes, “Time is money.” So ethics is often thought of as a waste of time. This is far from the truth. Ethics and business go hand-in-hand. The better … Continue reading

Some of my favorite things

Here is a list of things that are important to me, a sort of list of my moral values: I value loyalty and commitment, personal attachments that are long-standing and enduring. I admire the nobility of rocks and have affection for trees. I find my place in nature and try to live within its limitations. … Continue reading

Coping with grief

As a humanist minister I have seen much sorrow and grief. I have been with children after their father was killed in an auto accident, a young couple when their month-old infant died, a wife in a hospital waiting room when the doctor had shut down all life-support systems for her husband. I have officiated … Continue reading

Feet, a children’s story, from Piccolo Rosie

Usually Moe was outside before Rosie, as Rosie didn’t enjoy mornings very much. So when Moe wasn’t on the street when she came down from her apartment later in the day, Rosie went to get him. He didn’t have a foot wiggling sign like hers. Moe was in a grumpy mood, something unusual for him, … Continue reading

Midwives of Beauty

Sparrows are amongst the world’s most common birds— ordinary, ever-present and, because of that, nearly invisible to many. In Africa a group of musicians, led by a blind guitar player, called themselves “The Sparrows.” The lead singer explained that he chose the name to reflect the fact that where he lived sparrows were rarities and … Continue reading

A DA’s job is to deliver justice, not a win

The case of Dominique Strauss-Kahn raises several important ethical questions. As I’ve blogged before, the perp walk and alerting the press were violations not only of Strauss-Kahn’s right to privacy but also created a prejudicial atmosphere. While this was a kind of trial before the trial, as the media frenzy soon after his arrested attested, … Continue reading

3,000 hits and a hero to boot

There it is, Derek Jeter’s historic 3,000th hit, the first Yankee ever to hit the mark, and it is going, going, gone, a home run, and in Yankee Stadium. The crowd is going wild and there in the stands is Christian Lopez holding the caught ball in triumph. Security guards immediately descend on Lopez and … Continue reading

Arrested for Feeding the Homeless

Charles Darwin thought that humans had two, competing instincts: self-preservation and the impulse to help. These two instincts have collided in Orlando, Florida, where the city’s ordinances designed to provide for civic order have led to the arrest of activists for feeding homeless people. Has Uncle Scrooge replaced Mickey as the city’s totem? On the … Continue reading