We often fail to appreciate what a marvel the world truly is. We look for the miraculous in tales of far off lands and in stories of wonder working. But we really only need to open our eyes and look around and our hearts will be filled with amazement.

In our relations with others we discover our humanity. It is from those who hold us in esteem that we strengthen our own humanness. And we, in turn, have great power over others for this very reason. We all are fragile souls, which break easily in the hands of the insensitive.

How easily we forget to tell others that we love them, that we care for them, that we admire and appreciate them. Too often we go without a word that can repair the injured; too often we neglect to repair that which has been torn.

The opposite of thankfulness is taking something for granted. It is as though we believe we will always be here, as though our love will never end, as though the earth doesn’t depend upon our care. Unless we concern ourselves with the fate of humankind and the earth itself, that which is most precious slips away. Unless we esteem that which we love, everything becomes ugly and wasted. When we value the worthy things, we become precious ourselves.


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