How this blog is used

Last night, eight of us gathered around a table and used your blog post “bin Laden was unarmed–did it matter morally?” as the topic of discussion.

We first read it, then gave a first pass on our own point of view, and then spent 2 hours discussing several different elements of the issue, looking at things from a consequential, principled and character stance. Opinions changed over the course of the evening. Lone voices were heard respectfully. Everyone had an opportunity to speak at length.

The discussion ended with one person asking how the discussion was going to change what they did now, not about the past but now. Responses varied: voting, talk with others, write a letter to Obama, participate in a peace rally, reflect on impulses to act from revenge and educate myself about Arab people and issues.

I consider the meeting a rousing success and wanted you to know what an impact your writing is having out here in California, where we are using your books (Ethics for Everyone and Spelling God with 2 O’s) and now your blog to enhance our ethical literacy and encourage ethical transformation. To me, that is what Ethical Culture is about.



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