Posted in June 2011

Lost Art of Happiness review

  BOOKLIST The Lost Art of Happiness by Arthur Dobrin ($17.00, Prometheus Books, softcover) has the benefit of having a real publishing house behind it. Dobrin is billed as an “ethicist” and he argues—surprise—that one’s pervasive and gnawing sense of dissatisfaction is mainly self-inflicted. In short, it’s your fault. This is actually a rather serious … Continue reading


Shakespeare describes seven phases of life and in each we are on stage. There are scenes and there are roles to be played. But if the entire world is a stage, who in the world is the audience to which we play? We are each other’s audience. One of the things it means to be human is … Continue reading


We often fail to appreciate what a marvel the world truly is. We look for the miraculous in tales of far off lands and in stories of wonder working. But we really only need to open our eyes and look around and our hearts will be filled with amazement. In our relations with others we discover our … Continue reading


From Spelling God with Two O’s   Infants are looked at, even before they can look back. As children grow, they cover their nakedness. Choosing how we want to be seen is a part of controlling our own destinies. So we pull the shades and close the door. We avert our gaze, as a matter … Continue reading

Law Enforcement Runs Up the Score

In a move that made financial and academic sense, with little student support, two years ago Hofstra University canceled its football program and it has been barely missed. Nearly a century ago, Tennessee’s Cumberland College did the same thing, in 1916, and became enshrined in athletic history. Cumberland closed down its football program but not before … Continue reading


From Spelling God with Two O’s: Time has its way with everything. All things fall apart. Even galaxies are reduced to dust. Illness, accident and wear take their toll in the steady abrasion that spares none. While modern advances may reduce some of the ravages of time, still we grow old. The challenge of being … Continue reading