Acceptance – from Spelling God with Two O’s

Nature is full of imperfections. So are human beings. Perfection is impossible, and a person who strives for a flawless life is plagued by feelings of inadequacy.

All of us have flaws and faults, but not everything can or should be made better. The person who strives to correct everything—a person unable to accept himself or others as they are—is often overbearing and boorish.

To know what to change and what to accept is a difficult yet vital task. Gaining that knowledge is a matter of practical wisdom.

Some things can’t be changed. We are limited by our abilities, backgrounds and finally by nature itself. So while we honor and protect life we also live with the recognition that the one thing all must accept is that our lives come to an end. What we have we must lose. Birth, growth, decay: this is the natural cycle. We are part of that ceaseless turning.

We can accept others and ourselves when we know that winter, too, has a beauty of its own.


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