Posted in May 2011

Acceptance – from Spelling God with Two O’s

Nature is full of imperfections. So are human beings. Perfection is impossible, and a person who strives for a flawless life is plagued by feelings of inadequacy. All of us have flaws and faults, but not everything can or should be made better. The person who strives to correct everything—a person unable to accept himself … Continue reading

The ethics of perp walks

The goal of the police is to investigate crimes and the DA’s office to prosecute them, while the goal of the media is to inform the public. Sometimes these goals overlap, as when the police turn to news outlets to reveal information that they hope will lead to further clues. Other times, the police don’t … Continue reading

Compassion and the law

Goodwin Liu’s nomination by Barrack Obama to the US Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit went down to defeat last week despite the fact that he had the majority’s support (52-43) in the Senate. Sixty votes were needed to overcome the Republican filibuster. This was the first time Republicans had succeeded in filibustering a … Continue reading

New review for The Lost Art of Happiness

From: New Age Retailer Happiness has many interpretations. Dobrin, a former Peace Corps volunteer and cofounder of an Amnesty International group in New York, suggests that modern society has lost sight of the most constructive ones. The premise he is exploring in this book is simple: meaningful happiness comes from relationships and not possessions. (It … Continue reading

School pay is too high

The high rate of pay to some CEOs is rightly questioned. How much should someone be paid? One answer is: whatever anyone is willing to pay them. Some countries, such as Germany, put a cap on the pay. The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act requires the disclosure of CEO-to-worker pay. It is … Continue reading

Clinton disappears—women in public

Sit wherever you like, just not in these seats. Actually, you can’t sit in the seats in the Istanbul’s central district because the municipality has removed them. Not all the seats, though. Just those that are two-person seats outside cafes, bars and restaurants. “When we came to open up our cafe one morning a week … Continue reading

Kenya school pix

New pictures from Sema Academy, the school we sponsor in Kenya, are now on the website Two of the pictures are of Auther Dobrin, the grandson of a late friend in Kenya.