Posted in April 2011

The Ethics of John Galt

In a full-page ad in the NY Times on Tuesday, says that if we “confiscated” all the income of the top 2% for one year, it would cover only 58% of the 2011 federal budget. “And if we did? ASK JOHN GALT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.” John Galt? Galt is the iconic figure in Ayn … Continue reading

Children and moral responsibility

On the way from school, a nine-year-old boy stopped a girl and accused her of having stolen his lost pen. He searched her schoolbag but found nothing. Then, the girl said, with the help of two other girls, ages seven and eight, the boy pinned her to the ground and raped her. The three were … Continue reading

Privacy and your cell phone

Police work on TV shows is amazingly efficient. In short order, they interview witnesses, collect clues and get back lab results. Whew, they work fast! Click, click, click and they are able to track down cell phone calls. Before the next commercial, they’ve obtained a search warrant. Now Apple has gone them one better. If … Continue reading

Obama and racism

My son is a Peace Corps baby, born in Nairobi, but he isn’t a Kenyan citizen. The Kenyan constitution states: “Every person born in Kenya after 11th December, 1963 shall become a citizen of Kenya if at the date of his birth one of his parents is a citizen of Kenya.” When Eric was born, … Continue reading

Evaluate teachers but do it fairly

Schools across the country are moving to evaluate teachers in order to quality for federal Race to the Top public school funding. Teacher evaluations are essential. Children need competent teachers and there needs to be some way of making sure that students get what they deserve. No one should be entitled to a job without meaningful, … Continue reading

We need national service for all

Something stirred in me when Barack Obama was running for president. It reminded me of my undergraduate days. I was already in the army reserves, ready to be discharged during my last semester. I detested every minute of my active military service, but I felt completely differently about volunterring two more years of national service … Continue reading