Can robots be moral?

An interesting radio broadcast about whether robots can be moral can be heard at The Takeaway, on NPR.lethal-autonomous-robots-ethics-programming-robots-war


One thought on “Can robots be moral?

  1. I hate it when they use the Terminator as a joke for an interview on the subject. I find that even that quote by Arnie was pretty shallow. Not a lot is said about what actually did happen when Skynet came “online”. Self-aware, maybe, but sentient? I think it was more like Turing’s “busy child”, and went mad, fast. Anyway, Dr. Cornelia Dean makes a good point about robots using lethal force, do we really want them too? Even if we do, and even if programming them to follow said Geneva Conventions, what happens (and who can say if and when?) if one or more of these robots become self-aware, enough that they find a way to override their programming, just as Skynet supposedly did, or Sonny from I, robot? I don’t think the technology is there yet, maybe in about 30 years. From what I understand, it would take terabytes of data for cpu’s (cpu’s that don’t exist yet) to analyze, and analyze efficiently enough, to be able to make decisions of that caliber. Programmers would be writing for months, if not years, to have a robot be able to make it’s own “ethical” decisions? Not for a long time I think. We barely got a bi-pedal robot built to walk a flight of stairs, although I’m assuming the robots Dr. Dean is referring to, to be used on the battlefield won’t be so complex.

    What do I know anyway?

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