The Ethics Project podcast, hosted by Hofstra University, is a place where people talk about an ethical problem they have confronted. They tell their story in their own way and it is unscripted. These are fascinating human interest stories that are well worth listening to.


One thought on “Podcast

  1. I listened to the Responisibility vs Privacy Ethics Interview and feel that the HR representative M. Nelson, had a responsibility to take action on the reported violation. The employe of the hospital came to him withthis concern and although the request was made to keep it private, it is unethical and probably against hospital policy as well as Ethical Code of Conduct to keep such information concealed. Now it seems that other employees were made aware of the situation, which could lead to disciplinary action against the HR Rep. It is the responsibility of anyone in the organization, especially in HR, to report unethical behaviors, as well as actions that directly violate policies. I understand the confusion, however the HR rep should have looked at the policy and procedure manual to find the appropriate way of handling this issue. In addition, this could have been brought up to a Labor Relations Manager and or an EAP specialist.

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